As many of you know, I made the mistake of posting an “Ask Me Anything” post on Instagram last week to “celebrate” over 10k followers.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the number of questions; so I have broken them down into a two (maybe even three?) part entry. Here goes nothing……

What is the main theme in your house?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really go in for themes.  I just choose anything that I love to look at, anything that makes me happy.  I choose calming colours and shades, and never go for anything “too jazzy”.  If I had to theme it, I would probably say Modern Country; but I am aware that sounds like a really sh*t music genre.

What is your favourite room in the house?

I have said it before and I will say it a thousand times again; Teddy’s nursery.  It was created with him in mind and I love every detail.  When I sit in there I feel closest to him.  The light floods in on sunny days and it makes my heart smile.

What is your favourite “thing” in your house?

Without a doubt the table that my husband made after Teddy died.  Like me, he needed to focus his mind by doing/ making something practical.  He spent hours making that table (something he had never done before) and it is beautiful.  We now have a wonderful dining table we can sit around and make happy memories, and think of Teddy as we do so.

Do you edit your house photos?

No. I take them on my IPhone 7 or on my camera. Anything I take on my camera I download straight onto my phone using an app, so I don’t even put them onto a computer to edit.  I probably should, I mean… I have a blog and everything?!

What’s your favourite quote?

I have used it before in one of my blogs. “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

How long do you plan to stay in your current house?

We’ll stay until we have finished renovating and then probably enjoy it for a bit longer after that.  I would say perhaps we will be here for another 5 years?

Do you plan your Instagram stories and do you feel self conscious in them?

No, I don’t plan them. I usually just sit down and get carried away talking. Or I film something as it is happening.  I don’t get self conscious, I would probably say I have got way more things to worry about in my life than how I look on a fifteen second video that’s going to disappear in twenty-four hours?

Where do you get your home inspiration?

I won’t lie; I am old-school.  Give me a magazine over a screen any day!  I love leafing through catalogues and magazines.  I read Country Homes & Interiors, Country Living and Period Living every month.  I get lots of inspiration from them and then tend to put my own spin on things to bring it to life in my own home.

How did you get so many followers on Instagram?

I don’t think 10k is that many really? I feel like I am still brand new to all of this, and I only started my blog a little over two months ago so I don’t even feel like it’s properly got off the ground yet.  I had 2k followers on Instagram and told myself that if that many people were following then perhaps someone out there cared what I had to say; so half way through January I created “Feathering the Empty Nest” to share my experiences, and changed my Instagram name to match.  I have been lucky enough to appear on Rock My Style, and as a guest blogger for the very successful “The Home That Made Me”; since then the followers seemed to have racked up in their numbers and for that I can only be thankful.

What does your husband think of your blogging success?

Like me I think he is just happy that people want to read about Teddy; that people aren’t scared of our story.  Also that I might be helping someone who has also lost their baby and needs to read the words of someone else who has experienced it.  It makes us feel more like “proper parents” knowing that more people know that Teddy existed.  I think my husband is just happy I have found a way to talk about Teddy and do something that I am passionate about.

Would you start selling the things you make?

Not at the moment, no.  I have enough stress in my life without turning a hobby into a business.  My trouble in life is always that I end up taking things too far and taking the fun out of them.  For now sewing and painting things is helping me heal after losing Teddy; the process of creating things for our home makes me happy.  I fear if I were to turn it into a business then I would end up ruining the thing that has helped me so much. I would much prefer to teach other people how to do it themselves!

When is your birthday and what is your star sign?

I was born on Sunday 21st April 1985; that day was the London Marathon and is also Her Majesty’s birthday! I am a Taurus, and so was Teddy as he was born on 16th May. That makes me happy. I will be 32 next month; that probably makes me less happy?

What is your favourite tea to drink and do you prefer leaf or bag?

Earl Grey, all day, every day.  It was my Grandma’s favourite, it’s my favourite.  Always a bag though, I do not have the time or patience to be faffing about with tea leaves!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Old me would have been able to answer this question; she had a “plan”.  Since Teddy died I find planning a little more difficult; I guess you just never know what is around the corner? After all, I should be sitting here with my ten month old son.  So I’ll simply say this; wherever we are in five years time, I hope we are happy and doing things we love, and I hope our little family continues to grow.

Elle x