So it would seem many of you only have eyes for Boris.  He is flattered; if anything his ego is getting a little hard to manage?  He was thrilled with all of the questions, so he has done his best to answer them as best he can (with a little help from me, obviously)……..

How old is Boris and how long have you had him?

I am two. I was born on 9th January 2015.  Mummy had me “on order” and had already met my birth mama, Fifi, when she was expecting me, my two brothers and my sister.  Mummy first came to visit me when I was four weeks old; apparently she knew I was the one because I was walking backwards instead of forwards like the other pups.  Then she came to pick me up and bring me home on 13th March 2015.  Since then I have lived here with Mummy, Daddy and my brother Moses (he’s a ginger tomcat who I like to play with and watch sleep!).

Where did you get Boris and why did you choose a pug?

Mummy always wanted me!  Every since her Aunty had Bonnie the pug and then Louis the black pug (coincidently Louis is my great Uncle!).  Daddy wouldn’t let Mummy get me until they had a house and a garden; so as soon as they moved out of London she got me within three months.  I was born in Dorset and come from the Pugglemania pug family.  I know I am from good bloodlines and have had a full health check as a puppy; but some pups aren’t as lucky as me.  If you are looking to get a pug, then please just make sure he/she is from a reputable breeder as we can get terrible health problems if not.

Has Boris been (ahem) fixed?

If by this you mean the time Mummy took me to the vets when I was six months old and woke up a few hours later feeling groggy and wearing a t-shirt?  Then yes, I guess that has happened.  I don’t think it needed to happen, I was quite enjoying humping Mummy’s leg from noon ’til night; but I think she was getting a little tired of it?  I only hump now when I am super excited!

What is Boris’s favourite thing?

Oh that’s easy.  My doughnut toy.  I take it everywhere with me and I always have to suckle it to go to sleep at night.  I usually like to keep a couple of doughnuts in stock in my toy box (you never know when you might need one?); and I think I am on doughnut number nine so far in my life? They are my favourite thing.  Plus, I am not allowed real doughnuts.

Would you get another pug to keep Boris company?

Mummy says yes; Daddy says no.  I don’t think they will get me a friend for the moment.  I quite like having Mummy all to myself, I get lots of attention.  I like to play with my friend, Olly the pug who lives up the road; and I love going on dates with my girlfriend Edith (She’s a sexy French bulldog and the love of my life!).  Mummy says that if she does get another pug it will be a girl and that she has a name picked for her already. I guess we’ll see…..

Do pugs trump as much as French bulldogs?

How dare you!! I would never do such a thing.  Although Mummy says that sometimes when I am walking along I do it loudly and look over my shoulder to see what the noise is all about?

Do you have to clean out Boris’s face wrinkles?

She comes at me with a damp piece of kitchen towel every week; I hate it.  Most of the time I try and bash her away with my paws, but she is really good at getting in there!  I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I don’t think they need doing, but Mummy says that pugs needs their faces cleaned every week (sometimes more if I have been truffling around on a muddy walk!).

What’s a typical day in the life of Boris?

I like to get up around 7am.  I usually dive at Mummy’s face to wake her up; I am just happy we get to spend another day together!  We head downstairs and I eat my breakfast (Lily’s Kitchen dry food, if you’re asking).  Then I’ll head out in the garden to do some “business”; unless it’s raining and then I take some persuasion.  If I am feeling naughty then I’ll have a good old bark and really p*ss the neighbours off?  I like to head back to Mummy and Daddy’s bed after that and have a lazy morning whilst Mummy gets up/showered/ dressed.  She usually sits at the dressing table to do her make-up, so I like to sit at her feet.  Then I follow Mummy around the house when she does jobs; sometimes I fall asleep with my chin on the hoover.  If I get into the nursery then I will probably chew the sheepskin rug, it’s my favourite.  We usually go for a walk around lunchtime.  People think that pugs don’t need much exercise, but I always like to walk for at least an hour a day (you don’t get a body like this without putting the hours in).  When we get home I usually spend the afternoon snoozing in my bed or on the sofa.  I like to spend time chewing my favourite nylabone and I love getting all of my toys out and spreading them around the house!  I eat my dinner at 4pm, any later and I get agitated.  Daddy gets home around 9pm; I always give him a fanfare welcome.  Then not long after that I like to enjoy a bedtime milk and I usually try and head up to bed around 10pm.  I have to take my doughnut with me or I just can’t settle.  I do snore (loudly), but I don’t think Mummy and Daddy mind too much?

What do you do with Boris if you are out the house and can’t take him?

Mummy and Daddy try and take me everywhere that they can.  They rarely go somewhere they can’t take me.  If they do have to go somewhere for the day then I either stay at my Grandma’s house or one of Mummy’s friends will look after me (she is never short of offers because they all love me).  Pugs like me need lots of attention and love.  Mummy never normally leaves me for longer than 4 hours on my own when she does go out.  I used to have a lady come and walk me when Mummy worked long days, but she doesn’t come any more.  If I’m honest I’m not too sad about that, because now I have Mummy all to myself……

Big love,

B x