“A girl and her bed is an endless love affair.”  I read that somewhere once, and it stuck with me. Probably because sleep has always been so important to me.  If I don’t get enough of it, I am, quite frankly, a nightmare.  I am definitely one of those people whom if I didn’t set an alarm I would probably wake up some time next week.  It isn’t just about the length of time we sleep for though, it’s about the quality of those sleeping hours.  I always try every trick in the book to get the best nights sleep that I can;  not looking at my screens (phone or laptop) too late in the evening, and always trying to relax and wind down before bed time.  Of course, these things can be so much easier said than done when social media and blogging are a large part of your life; but it’s something I am doing my very best to stick with.

In recent months I am sure my sleep quality has dwindled.  As life has become much busier again, I have struggled to get a “good” nights sleep; either not getting comfortable, or waking up in the morning and feeling as though I had more aches and pains in my body than I did when my head hit the pillow the night before.

The Tempur Sensation Deluxe mattress has definitely changed all of that for me.  I didn’t think it was possible; I mean, a mattress can’t be that different, can it?  My husband is the opposite to me; not only does he not need as much sleep, but he definitely doesn’t get enough of it.  In the week, when he is working, I would say he’s only in bed for six hours a night.  We all know that keeping our hours of sleep consistent is so important; but for him that is almost impossible, so we are constantly up against that.  The quality of the sleep that he gets must make such a huge difference for him.  On that basis alone, it was time for us to try a new mattress.

We were lucky enough to get our new Tempur Mattress from Warren Evans; whose 38 years experience of handcrafting furniture and beds in their London workshop, means that they know a thing or two about what makes for a great nights sleep.  When we were selecting our mattress I wanted to make sure that we got it right.  In our house it’s a bit of a case of Goldilocks and the Three Bears;  I don’t like the bed to be too hard, my husband doesn’t like to sleep on something that’s too squishy; and well Boris, he likes it to be “just right”.  We decided on the Sensation Deluxe mattress because it was the best of both worlds.  It has Tempur’s High Mobility technology; which supports you and adapts to your shape.  It enables you to move without disturbing the other person’s sleep, and is the perfect level of firmness with that soft support added.  Here comes the science part……


If that’s blown your mind?  Here is a picture to sum up a little of what Boris thinks…….

Finally, a mattress we can all be comfy on!

Essentially, the first time I lay on that mattress I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven.  The real test though?  The first nights sleep! I cannot tell you what a difference it made; complete, non-interrupted, wonderfully comfortable sleep.   Both of us are prone to aches and pains, from sitting at desks and being keen on exercise (we all know that a healthy diet and exercise helps us get a great nights sleep); so sleep for recovery is essential for us both.  This mattress gave us exactly that.

Of course there was nothing wrong with our previous mattress, but when we had been given it by my parents a few years ago (when we had just moved into our new home, mortgaged up to the eyeballs and pretty much penniless);  we accepted it gratefully, as a gift, and didn’t really think too much into our mattress requirements for a decent nights sleep.  I think you just get used to what you’re used to, don’t you?  It’s not until you drive a new car, that you realise your old car wasn’t the sweet ride you always thought it was.   Well, I suppose it was the same with this mattress; I never knew just how much my sleep was being affected until I slept on something new.  I also didn’t know that disturbed sleep is a clear sign that you need to check your mattress and whether it’s the right one for you.  That’s just one of the things that I have learned from Sleep Expert, Dave Gibson’s, sleep tips via the Warren Evans blog.

My husband has already said on numerous occasions how he feels the quality of his sleep has improved.  For me that is enough; if those six hours he is getting are the best that they can be, then this mattress is worth its weight in gold.  Of course, I have found it super-comfy too, and have been so happy with the choice we made.  I think that for us it was the perfect compromise, and I feel like it’s nice and cushioned without being too spongy, as well as being firm enough to provide support when we are sleeping.  I don’t even notice Boris anymore when he is working his way around the bed during the night (that’s quite a lot by the way)!

The Sensation Deluxe isn’t the only mattress in the range available from Warren Evans, but it suited our requirements best.  There are also the Original Deluxe (Firm) and the Cloud Deluxe (Medium); both of which also have varied layers of the Tempur memory foam and support technology.  The brilliant thing about the Warren Evans showroom is that you can go and lie on them, try them out for yourself, and then decide which suits you best.

As you can see, Boris is very happy with our decision!

If you are thinking about getting a new mattress, or even thinking about thinking about a new mattress; I truly would recommend looking at a Tempur mattress from Warren Evans.  My husband constantly reminds me that we should always invest in the best version of the most important things in life; that not doing so is a false economy as we will only pay for it further down the line.  On this occasion (and probably only this occasion) I could not agree with him more.  We spend so much time asleep; I mean, perhaps, he doesn’t, but I certainly do!  Why would you want to invest in anything less than the best quality from two leading experts in their field?  Warren Evans and Tempur.   After all, Warren Evans were voted by Which? readers as the Highest Rated UK Mattress Shop in their 2017 survey.

I suppose the real test I am going to have from now on is;  how am I ever going to get that “Well this is so much better than my own bed…” feeling again when we go away?  I think that feeling will be, well and truly, nothing more than a distant memory!  Sleep tight….

Elle x


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Trouble sleeping? Why not have a read of resident sleep expert, Dave Gibson’s, top sleep tips?  For everything you need to know about getting the perfect nights shut-eye.

Top 5 Sleep Tips:

1. Keep your hours consistent

2. Relax before bedtime

3. Don’t work late and put the technology away

4. Check your mattress if you have disturbed sleep

5. Do regular exercise and a have healthy diet

For more great sleep tips visit –


This post has been created working in paid partnership with Warren Evans and Tempur; but,  as always, all writing, opinions and images are my own.