I won’t lie, this year I feel like it’s the first time in what feels like a long time I’ve had the time and inclination to follow fashion and really enjoy buying new pieces for my wardrobe.  Last year I was heavily pregnant in April and May (when all the really pretty, summery things start to appear in the shops) and then, after Teddy died, the last thing I wanted to do was shop.  Nothing fitted me, and I could barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone be in the mind frame to enjoy clothes.  I got some new bits out of necessity more than anything; essentially because I was struggling to fit more than one leg into the previous year’s clothing!  Saying this, I did end up with some lovely bits, and hopefully ones that I’ll use again this summer; if they’re not now too big!


There have been a couple of stand-out shops for me when buying for this Summer.  Boden and FatFace have both fulfilled my embroidery dreams with their collections.  I’ve already bought several tops from both, and some pretty summer dresses to keep cool on the hotter days.   FatFace have got some brilliant prints, I’ll definitely be back for more of the same print I bought this skirt in.


This year has been the first I have ever braved white jeans.  Now, this doesn’t seem a naturally smart move from one of the most accident prone (by that I mean clumsy) individuals on the planet; but yes, I went there.  I have so far worn them twice; both have ended in Boris (we’ll blame him) covering my shins in muddy marks and me looking far less Liz Hurley than I had imagined.

After investing in a couple of pairs of plain chino shorts that fitted (thanks again FatFace); I struggled to find the “perfect” pair of denim shorts to replace a pair that I loved for a decade and can now only dream of fitting into.  Then, just like that, they came into my life.  I never thought I would be buying my denim shorts from Boden, but I guess a decade ago I never envisaged my weekend kicks would be achieved at the garden centre either?  I thought it wise to also invest in some plain basic t-shirts too.  I’m usually a grey kind of girl when it comes to tees, but I’ve braved yellow and coral  in an attempt to brighten up my Summer style!


Summer shoes are always a weakness of mine.  I think this is due to the fact that Summer is one of the few times that flat shoes, or sandals in this case, become some of the prettiest things to dress your feet in!  Being 5′ 11″ flats are my life.  I struggle to find pretty shoes for the remaining months of the year, so in Summer I can really cut loose!  I’ve still got some great buys from last year from Seasalt, and my Menorcan sandals from Varca; but this year I was lusting after some Saltwater sandals.  So I went for their new “Sliders” in tan.  They are so comfy, and being slip-on mean I don’t have to faff with buckles and straps (perfect for slipping on for beach days!).


Every other year I invest in some new sunglasses. I have a weakness for Ray Bans, so this year it was the same again! (I’m a creature of habit.) Despite taking what I thought was a risk and going for a coloured frame and mirrored lenses; I’ll say it now, I love them.  Makes a nice change from my usual tortoiseshell numbers.

I’ve not been huge on H&M in the past couple of years; the odd bits here and there, mainly for work.  Now I have no “work” to dress for; and I must say that H&M have played an absolute blinder with their Summer wardrobe selection.  I first bought a denim (midi) dungaree-dress in February, and I have since followed it up with another (floral) dress, an off the shoulder cotton top, a denim jacket (Why, oh why seventeen year old me didn’t just keep hers, I shall never know?) and a pretty jazzy mint (Yes, I said mint) tulle midi skirt.  Just for the record I am planning on teaming that bad boy with some rather splendid new low block-heeled suede mules and living the nineties dream.



One thing I was lusting after this summer was a rucksack.  Dream achieved (thanks to a very generous husband and a conveniently timed Spring birthday.  Cue the very stylish (If I do say so myself) leather Jigsaw rucksack that I am now the proud owner of.  I deliberated over the colours, but lets face it; I shall never tire of grey and it goes with everything.  You can’t take a rucksack to dinner though, can you?  I am not even sure about the answer to that one, but just in case it isn’t acceptable summertime dinner attire, I also picked up a straw clutch with star embellishment (Yes, it is as good as it sounds). So I think I now have all bag bases covered?

So, why on earth am I even telling you all of this?  Well, I have no idea really, other than the fact people are always asking me where all my stuff has come from.  So there you have it.  Now, if we could just have some extended periods of lovely weather on the horizon too, then that would be just wonderful…..

Elle x