September always gives me back-to-school vibes, always.  It doesn’t matter how much time passes, it never fails to have me longing for a new pencil case and digging out those tights from the bottom of drawer.  I only started writing this blog a mere nine months ago, and I feel I am very much in the “start-up” phase of saying what I really want to say to the world.  I also feel like we are still only at the start of our journey without Teddy, and I have so much more to write about that as our journey unfolds.  This year September spurred me on to create a little slice of blogging heaven in a quite corner of our home.  A place I can write and relax; a place to just enjoy the process of tapping away on this keyboard whilst enjoying the cosy corner I have created.

I have been after the desk lamp for what seems like a lifetime now (Ok, I am exaggerating there, maybe six months?) and I finally found it.  A beautifully aged brass number from Cox & Cox that I think compliments the room without being too big or too, well,  brassy (yes, I wanted a brass lamp that wasn’t too brassy!).  It means that I no longer have to work under the bright light of the dining room spotlights, and I can sit of an evening with my cosy lamp light and lose myself in writing; well that, and internet shopping, obviously.


This brass desk lamp from Cox & Cox adds a touch of vintage elegance to my writing desk.

I have been trying to add a little more greenery into the house. I know there is a “succulent” craze and as always I am more than late to the party on this one.  I picked one up to start with; and I am essentially viewing it as a test.  Will I kill it?  People keep telling me that these hardy little plants are virtually indestructible; but I am not convinced.   I always seem to be so green-fingered in the garden, but can kill any house-dwelling greenery by so much as looking at it.  The way I see it is that if this little guy makes it more than a month in this house then I am going to go succulent crazy; you heard it here first. One is a start though!


I have all of my hopes pinned on this little succulent to survive!

I also wanted to try to bring a bit more of a vintage style into this room.  Since I painted the chimney breast in Downpipe and added some vintage prints to the wall, the rest of the room has looked a little out of sorts and I have felt it needed tying together somehow.  Being a Victorian house ours really lends itself to this slightly darker style, with more textures and a mix of metal and wood in the accessories.  I don’t want to go too mad with it all, but at the same time I really want to inject more character into the space; especially in my little creative corner.  With this in mind, I decided to use some of my (many) newly dried hydrangeas and make a feature of them under a oak and glass dome from Cox & Cox.  This one was perfect as it has an oak base, so really worked with my idea of mixing finishes in home accessories.  The more hydrangeas that dry, the more I plan to stack up in there; I want to make a real feature.  The best part?  If I get bored of it I can just change what’s inside.  I love styling the seasons, and I think this is going to allow me to do just that.  I shall be unleashing my creative mind under that dome as the seasons change!


Displaying dried flowers in a glass dome makes an interesting feature piece that you can change with the seasons.

The shutters above the desk keep the vintage theme going; just as well, as these really are vintage!  I picked them up at a Brocante fair last summer and decided to paint them in grey chalk paint to tone them down a little (they had been a very vibrant green, which was lovely, but not quite in keeping with my home style).  The brilliant thing about having a creative corner is that you can be truly creative in how you choose to decorate it, and pick out things that inspire you, or things that just look pretty, of course?!  I like to go with both; and tend to line shelves and pretty much any spare space with vintage marmalade jars.  Sometimes I use these for flowers, sometimes for my pens and pencils, and sometimes for nothing at all but to stare at them and wonder where they started out in life…..who actually first bought those jars with their marmalade in?


My finished creative corner.

With my new set up and my comfy desk chair, this is where you’ll find me this Autumn.  Someone get the kettle on then……I’ll be needing a cup of tea to fuel all of this writing!

Elle x



*This post has been created in collaboration with Cox & Cox with items being supplied to me for the collaboration.  However, all opinions and writing within this post are my own