It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about fashion.  If I’m completely honest with myself, although I have really wanted to share,  it always pales into insignificance when I have so many other blog subjects whirring around in my  mind.  Although it is a part of my life which I enjoy hugely, it always falls to the bottom of my list when it comes to writing and sharing; no matter how many people ask.  Today’s blog though; this is something I have wanted to share since I started scanning the shops for new Autumn knitwear in August (yes, I was overly keen this year!).  I quickly realised that there were so many things I loved this season, and I really wanted to share a few, just in case you’re at a loose end in the knitwear department and are looking for some Autumn inspiration? (I mean, if you’re not, then perhaps stop reading this one now, as that’s all you’re going to find here…)

Much like at the start of summer, I feel like I have got my fashion mojo back this year.  I am enjoying shopping for clothes once more , and have so enjoyed hunting down new knitwear (my seasonal weakness if you like).  Now, ordinarily I tend to go for more muted colours, but this year I have found myself drawn (like a moth to the knitwear flame) to much bolder colours; patterns even (I know, I don’t know me anymore either?).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always sway towards the more classic shades, but sometimes there’s nothing like a jazzy knit to cheer you up and brighten up even the most mundane of Mondays.


I make no secret of the fact that M&S have my heart when it comes to shopping for clothes (and food for that matter), and they certainly haven’t disappointed this year.  My first knitwear purchase this year was actually a burgundy, mohair mix “coatigan” (I know, I can’t quite believe that has become a word either!), which I have worn almost all the time because I can, and will, wear it over anything. Unlike any mohair-mix items, I haven’t found it itchy to wear; which is great as I have zero tolerance  for clothing that makes you itch (Who can tolerate that?!).

I’ve also picked up some great basic knits there; including this scoop neck grey jumper; which is light, soft and perfect for everyday.  It’s great to dress down with jeans or up with a pleated skirt and boots, and it’s thin enough to wear under my leather jacket without feeling too bulky (Great for all of that “What the hell should I wear today, and why is it still so warm?” weather that we’ve been having so far this Autumn).


When it comes to jazzy knits; I’ve found two absolute belters this season (Well, I think they are pretty good anyway?).  Like many, I have fallen hard for leopard print this year; so this print jumper from Wrap London answered all of my leopard-knitwear dreams.  It’s super soft and cosy, and still makes me feel like I’m making an effort with my outfit.  Another find that has been great to wear around the house, or to dress up with jeans and heels for a smarter look.

Talking of jazzy knitwear; this pink jumper became my one true love this week.  It’s definitely not something I would usually choose; it looked too busy and I wasn’t sure about the crochet style finish; but I love it.  I went for a size bigger than my top size as I wanted a more relaxed fit and I sometimes find that sleeves in knitwear can be a little short on me if I go for my actual size.  As someone who usually wears softer colours, I just found wearing something brighter instantly lifted my mood.  The same effect a brighter lipstick always has on me!


With all of the triumphs in shopping there is always that one item you can’t quite find isn’t there?  For me, the humble roll neck has defeated me; I can’t find one anyway that I love enough to actually buy.  Perhaps I should just come to the realisation that roll necks just don’t suit me?  Or, perhaps I just haven’t found “the one”? The jury is well and truly out on that one for now, and the search continues.

Of course, I am no fashion blogger by any means, but I do know what I like, and I hope that you like them too.  Here are just a few more of my favourites this year for any of you still looking for that knitwear fix…..

Happy shopping!

Elle x

Grape sweater


Turtle neck