I make no secret of the fact that I love to style the seasons at home.  Whether it’s with flowers, fir cones, pumpkins, or a seasonal wreath on the front door.  So often I find myself wanting to change entire rooms around, or re-think the colour of soft furnishings to try and keep things fresh. I suppose when you spend a lot of time at home (which I really have done over the past eighteen months) you begin to notice every single detail.  I find myself thinking something is complete and then finding the sudden urge to change it all again. Exhausting?  I am exhausted just writing that.

I think being a home-maker can become a little addictive, as addictive as taking inspiration from those little squares of Instagram or Pinterest.  It’s not that I get bored of things, I just think I am always thinking of ways in which I could improve upon them, or just “add a little something”.  The sitting room was the latest victim of this treatment.  When the summer began to draw to a close I could feel myself building up to a re-shuffle in here.  I had been looking for a new chair for the corner of the sitting room for a while; desperately searching for “The one” (We’ve all been there, right?).  The problem I had was that our “snuggler” armchair that had resided in this corner since not long after we had moved into this house (almost three whole years ago now!) hadn’t ended up looking as I had imagined it would in this room.  I had thought it would be a cosy seat for two, somewhere I could curl up and read or stretch out and relax, and it wasn’t really either.  I was looking for something with much lower arms and a shape that would compliment our other furniture.  Then, after much searching, I happened upon the perfect “snuggle” from The Cotswold Company.  It was a chair I could see myself sitting in and curling up with a hot chocolate and a book as the days became shorter; somewhere I could sit and write whilst the log burner crackled.

The “Bampton 1.5 seat” chair comes in thirty trend-inspired colours, all woven in the UK and 100% pure cotton.  I was able to order free colour swatches to check that the colour would be perfect.  After much deliberation and dreaming about the prospect of a heavenly pink sofa (which I think we all know wouldn’t wash well with the husband); I settled on my old friend, a soft, dove grey.  the colour is actually called “Cloud”, and I have to say that when the chair arrived, that was exactly what it looked like. A dreamy cloud!   I chose the feet in “Light Oak” as it compliments the other furniture in our sitting room, and I am really happy with how they look too.

Photo credit- Adam Crohill for Rock My Style blog.

It sits perfectly in the corner, as perfectly as I had imagined; and looks so cosy next to the fireplace.  Of course a new chair only ever leads to one thing……new cushions!  As I waved goodbye to my dream of a pink chair, I settled on a pink cushion instead to compliment the soft grey.  Plus I can easily change a cushion if I get bored.   I do always find that with changes at home though; one change sparks a domino effect!  Naturally now I need a new sofa, new foot stool, and I have already picked up some new accessories for the fireside and shelving unit.

Photo credit- Adam Crohill for Rock My Style blog.

I don’t think I’ll tire of soft tones and neutral colours.  Sometimes I think I would like to be more daring and introduce some bolder colours with furniture; but I know myself, and I know what I like.  If I had gone for a bright colour, I would only have regretted it and be wanting (yet) another new chair.  This one looks elegant and classic, I just know I’ll not get bored of it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on classic shades versus bolder colours and if, like me, you tend to stick to the softer shades?  I know it’s easy to succumb to the pressures of Pinterest and Instagram, but I think it’s also really important to stay true to your style; and I think this suits mine down to the ground.  I think that Boris is quite keen on it too…..(Let’s face it, it’s his opinion that really matters here?)


Elle x


*This post has been created in collaboration with The Cotswold Company with items being supplied to me for the collaboration.  However, all opinions and writing within this post are my own