{This post has been created in gifted collaboration with Sophie Allport; all items photographed have been gifted to me for “National Picnic Week”.  All photos are linked so that you can shop the items if you wish.  This is not a paid collaboration and all opinions and writing are my own.}

Growing up near the beach has always meant that I long to be on one whenever I can.  I love the countryside, I really do, but the sea has my heart, and it’s another reason why I wanted to go back to the North Norfolk Coast for another break.  I just wanted to feel the sand between my toes and spend a day (or two) enjoying those endless views out to sea.

It’s fair to say when we visited Norfolk in January the weather (although bright!) was much colder; so I had lots of things in mind that I wanted to do as we were visiting in June.  Last time we visited we had been to Wells-Next-the-Sea (which I wrote about here) and marvelled at the idyllic beach huts and endless white sand.  It only seemed right to pay it another visit and this time make the most of the summer months and pack a picnic!

I can remember my parents and my grandparents taking us on so many picnics when I was growing up; we were definitely encouraged to enjoy the great outdoors!  I am certainly no stranger to sand-filled everything and the constant battle against that coastal breeze that had a tendency to send everything flying!  Holidaying with my Mum this time meant that we got to re-live a few of those hilarious memories and enjoy a fun day together by the sea.  Of course she was as keen as I was to see what delights the Norfolk Coast had to offer, and we set off on our little adventure with quite the spring in our step!

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Wells is definitely one of those places where you could spend hours just taking in the beautiful scenery, and tiring out dogs and children.  Boris was thrilled that we were allowed on the beach all year round (there are clear signposts that show you which direction you can take dogs in, which is really helpful.) Once he was over his initial (over)excitement, and we had managed to get him to stop running around with fir cones/ sea shells/ sea weed in his mouth and attempting to eat the entire beach, he actually just enjoyed the relaxation (and the picnic!) as much as we did.

That moment you realise you’re about to hit the beach…

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I have to admit, I am much more used to the milder South Coast, so the North Norfolk wind was a little cooler than I was used to and defitnely meant I kept myself wrapped up for most of our trip.  I am such a cold person, so can’t take more than a breeze!  That aside, it was the perfect sunny day for a picnic and we enjoyed it very much once we had found ourselves a sheltered spot between two dunes where we could hide from the wind!  The wind also did a wonderful job at getting pretty much everything we were eating filled with sand, but we actually laughed so hard about our battle against the elements that it became much funnier than frustrating (if a little crunchy?!).

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Once again, I was addicted to taking photos of the beautiful beach huts in the sunshine, and reading out the names as we passed each one.  I dream of owning a hut one day, it would be my perfect way to spend summer days and nights.  The colours of the huts at Wells are something else, just so dreamy!  Even my Mum became a keen Instagram’mer and started snapping away at all of the pretty huts (proud moment for me, haha!).

For me the best thing about days like this are that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time.  We just packed our normal lunch bits into a bag and off we went.  We only had to pay for a few hours parking, other than that……picnics are free fun! (I think you’ll agree, that’s the best kind?!)

It’s fair to say that after all that sea air we were desperate for a cup of tea and a lie down.  We headed back to the Wells beach cafe (highly recommend!) for tea and cake outside, and then back to the cottage for a nap.  I never thought I would love another beach as much as I do our beloved Cornwall bays, but I must say, this one has just got that special something….

Elle x