By this I mean; running out of sh*t to do in this house.  I feel like I have painted (and re-painted) almost everything in the house.  I have cushions for my cushions to sit on.  I am forever doing the “little things” that are just slowly starting to irritate me.  I mean; is it possible to actually run out of stuff to do? (Please, don’t answer that)

When we bought this house there was so much to do, too much if anything.  Every spare minute and penny we had was spent slaving away; sanding, clearing, painting.  Now it seems those jobs are dwindling; much to my husband’s joy (and to my bewilderment); we are actually getting our lives back?!

Don’t get me wrong, we still have huge projects on the horizon, but they will take time and money.  The kitchen extension plans are now finalised and the planning should be permitted in the next couple of months.  Do I want to start a building project at the end of the summer and lose our living space over the winter and Christmas time?  In short, no.  So we have agreed to start that project from January and hope for it to be completed by the end of springtime next year.   So what on earth do we do in the meantime?

The garden has been keeping us pretty busy for now.  There has been lots of planting and clearing still to finish.  I have a feeling even that will start to become less of a task in the coming weeks though.  For obvious reasons that is wonderful, because we can just enjoy what we have achieved; but at the same time there is always that nagging voice in my head telling me that we should be doing more in the house.  I think it is my constant need to busy myself (mainly my mind) since Teddy died, and keep the feeling that we are achieving something.  It sounds rather silly when I write that down and read it back, but I know that’s exactly why I am always pushing for us to be busy at home.


So now I turn my attention to the rooms of the house; how could I improve on each of them?  This is something I have been giving lots of thought to over the last couple of weeks.  The kitchen?  Is there actually any point in making even slight improvements in there if it’s all going to be ripped out in seven months time; probably not (this is the point when I just know my husband will be seriously considering divorce; at the very fact I have even just mentioned that!).  The dining room?  Again; that’s going to become part of the kitchen, so I think the same rule applies here (See, this is why I am getting frustrated!).  The sitting room? Well, in my opinion this is the only room in the house that is actually finished; and I love it.  For the moment I have no urge to change anything in here.



You So I have turned my efforts to the upstairs of the house.  I hate the corridor that leads to the spare room and the nursery; so this is on my hit list.  As is an update in the spare room.  I feel like I have seen so many things that have inspired me in recent months that I really feel like I want to change the colours and accessorises in there; try to give it a different vibe.  Instagram is a dangerous place for someone like me; there are just too many swoon-worthy pictures that make me want to update everything in our house.  Also; to the person who invented “Swipe Up” to buy……you are killing me.  I also want to update the accessories in the bathroom; I am starting to look at the ladder shelf and quickly becoming bored of everything that lives on there.  I hate clutter, and I want to simplify many of the rooms upstairs and go for more of a Scandinavian feel.  There are so many shops and interior show rooms that I have been into lately that are just inspiring me to live (even more) clutter free.



I do wish I could be so bold as to incorporate more colours into my rooms; but the truth is, as much as I admire all of these things on Instagram, I could just never be brave enough.  White and Grey are my life; they make me feel calm, safe and happy. They make our otherwise “cosy” and modest home feel much more spacious and bright.  So I am sticking with my niche, as I know I shall never tire of it.  (That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t look at velvet sofas in vivid colours just every now and then, and think to myself….maybe?).


I feel like these little jobs will keep me busy over the summer months; scouring and sourcing is all part of the fun that I like to immerse myself in.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep on dreaming about that kitchen.  Most of the time I want to slow our lives down, but at the moment I would quite like a fast forward button………


Elle x